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NYC Pain MD Treats Arthritis Pain With The Most Advanced Medical Technology and Treatments Available

Click either the "Knee Pain" or "Back Pain" button below and discover what are possibly the best medical treatment option for pain including:

Bio-Cellular Therapy/ Stem Cell Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Gel Injections (Viscsupplementation, Radiofrequency Neurotomy (FR) and More.

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Who are we and why should you trust us to help you with your arthritis pain?

NYC Pain MD is a medical clinic with two locations in New York City that has made a name for itself by treating the worst cases of arthritis pain with the best possible treatments and technology available today.

Our medical doctors are specifically trained and are experts in this field.

When you come in for your free screening, you will be receiving real doctor’s advice on some of the most advanced medical treatments for knee arthritis pain.

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Here's Some Proof...

Top Orthopedic Surgeon Does 7 Year Study Showing Tremendous Results Of This Knee Arthritis Pain Treatment

The Back Pain "Treatment Formula"

NYC Pain MD Explains Their Back Pain "Treatment Formula" On This Video...

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Please read this before calling for a free screening:

We are real medical doctors and we make no claims or guarantees

We always like to make something crystal clear.

We are a real medical clinic.

That is important because in the world of real medicine... there are no claims or guarantees.

Every patient is individual... and so are the results.

Accordingly, we are not making any claims or guaranteeing any results.

What results should you expect?

We cannot tell you that either.  For the same reasons.

Plus... we do not have the precise data it would take to calculate what the average patients results are.

What practicing doctor does?

What does "average patient" mean anyway?

Would you be "average?"

We believe honesty is the best policy.

It is a fact that some of our patients have gotten great results.

Others have gotten no results at all.

We have countless satisfied patients and strive to help each and every one the best way possible.

If you are looking for outrageous claims or guarantees... you will not find that here.

No magic... just real medicine practiced by great doctors.