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Injured Orthopedic Surgeon leads charge in discover of 

promising knee and back pain treatment...

"How This Florida Surgeons Tragic Accident May Have Finally Cracked The Arthritis Pain Code…"

And why doctors in NYC are so excited to give you the opportunity to find out if this treatment can help you... for free...

From:  The Staff Writers at NYC Pain MD

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To:  Back and Knee Pain Sufferers:

In just a moment, I’m going to tell you all about a real medical pain treatment some doctors believe is a true breakthrough.

“Real medical treatment” is important. 

There are countless treatments and supplements on the market claiming to “cure” arthritis.

None of these wonder cures cure anything... and most are being pushed by clever marketers.

This is different. 

It is real medicine... and while there is no “cure” for arthritis... for some patients... it is believed to stop arthritis... and all it’s pain... dead in it’s tracks.

But first, you must know this...

the incredible story how is all came about...

The year was 2005.  

That’s when an up and coming Orthopedic Surgeon crashed his motorcycle trying to avoid a pedestrian who was... for some reason... walking in on I-95 in Florida.

This was especially bad because he injured his hands and knee.  This accident took away his ability to do surgery... and his career.  

It also left him in constant pain.

That’s the bad news.  

Now for the good news...

This surgeon went on a mission to find out what causes pain... and how to treat it.

He put together a research team... that searched for this elusive answer for several years.

His quest lead him and his team to not only solving his pain... but a new treatment that has helped countless pain sufferers.

That treatment is called A2M and 

here’s what it is and how it works...


Lets use arthritis as an example.

When you have arthritis... there are chemicals that destroy the cartilage in your joints.

These chemicals are called catabolic proteases... and they break down cartilage and cause inflammation and pain.

Cartilage are like cushions in between your joint and allow them to move smoothly without pain.

These proteases will continue to destroy the cartilage until there is none left. 

You are left “bone on bone” and the pain can be devastating.  

It is often crippling.

This is when many must resort to total knee replacement surgeries.

What’s the answer?

A2M is short for Alpha-2-Macroglobulin.  It is a molecule naturally produced by the liver in your body.  

A2M is your bodies ultimate defense against arthritis because it captures and neutralizes these cartilage destroying chemicals.

The body then works to eliminate them.

This stops the arthritic process and now the joint can recover... and heal. 

The damage can repair... and the joint can be pain-free. 

Here is something 

very important to understand...

Even though you body naturally produces A2M... it needs a little help to get the job done.

Doctors take your own A2M... concentrate it... and inject it directly into the painful, arthritic joints.

This procedure puts a concentration of A2M exactly where it is needed. 

And the results have been very good for so many patients.

Does this help everyone?  

Good question.

The answer is no medical procedure works perfectly for everyone. 

That’s not the way real medicine works.

But this procedure has improved the pain and damage of arthritis in many patients. 

Finding doctors trained and experienced

with the A2 procedure is the key...

Finding doctors who have advanced training... and are skilled at this great treatment can make the difference between you getting out of pain... or continuing to suffer.

How can you find doctors

with these skills?

Here’s how:  NYC Pain MD is a medical clinic located in New York City that has expert doctors that are trained and skilled at some of the best medical treatments available today.

We have doctors trained specifically in the A2M procedure.

We also have a technique we call “PAT.”

PAT is precision arthritis targeting... and we use special, advanced imaging to make sure the A2M injections go exactly where they are supposed to go.

Without this technology, injections are often given “blind”... and can miss the joint space... making the treatment ineffective.

What types of pain do we treat?

Here is a short list of the common one’s we successfully treat all the time:

  • Neck including whiplash, bulging and herniated discs.
  • Back including bulging and herniated discs and sciatica
  • Radiating pain in the arms and legs
  • Knees
  • Shoulders
  • Hands and wrists
  • Feet and ankles
  • Various soft tissue injuries to muscle, ligaments and tendons
  • And more

One of the best things about NYC Pain MD is it has many doctors and treatments all under on roof.  

We have MANY ways to treat arthritis pain... not just this great, new procedure... A2M.

This is important because some patients respond better to other treatments... or a combination of treatments.

We have gotten great results with many patients other have failed with. 

We believe this is part of the reason why.

And patients love this because they do not have to travel to a bunch of doctors to get all the treatments they need.

And results are great because the doctors are all working together to get you out of pain.

And if you have s condition or need a treatment we don’t have... we make the proper referral and get you the best possible care for your case.

If this sounds like something you’d like to check out... you can do it for free.

As a community service, NYC Pain MD offers free screening to anyone suffering in pain.

During this screening, you get to talk to one of the doctors and get all your questions answered.  

The doctors will also tell you if your pain is best treated by the doctors at NYC Pain MD or somewhere else.

The best part of the screening is finally knowing what’s going on and what you can do about it.  

Most patients are seriously relieved after this screening... having us on your side and knowing exactly what do do next.

How To Get Your 

Free Screening...

Just call us at 800-301-4250 and tell whoever answers the phone you want your free screening.  

As long as you are one of the first 50, it is 100% free with no obligation or strings attached. 

There is NOTHING to pay for and you will NOT be pressured to become a patient.


We don’t need to.  It is not uncommon for us to get over 100 new patient calls in a single day.

Most are from word of mouth. 

But we want to open up this opportunity to as many pain sufferers as possible.

But because we get so many calls... we can only take 50 from what you are reading this month.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain.  But you must call now.  800-301-4250.

NYC Pain MD Also Offers:

(1)  Stem Cell Therapy

(2)  Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

(3)  Gel Injections  - Viscosupplementation

(4)  Genicular Nerve Block

(5)  Prescription Bracing

(6)  Therapeutic Rehabilitation

NYC Pain MD is a medical clinic in New York City that has made a name for itself by helping pain sufferers

For more information about us, locations and contact information... click here.

Please read this before calling for a free screening:

We are real medical doctors and we make no claims or guarantees

We always like to make something crystal clear.

We are a real medical clinic.

That is important because in the world of real medicine... there are no claims or guarantees.

Every patient is individual... and so are the results.

Accordingly, we are not making any claims or guaranteeing any results.

What results should you expect?

We cannot tell you that either.  For the same reasons.

Plus... we do not have the precise data it would take to calculate what the average patients results are.

What practicing doctor does?

What does "average patient" mean anyway?

Would you be "average?"

We believe honesty is the best policy.

It is a fact that some of our patients have gotten great results.

Others have gotten no results at all.

We have countless satisfied patients and strive to help each and every one the best way possible.

If you are looking for outrageous claims or guarantees... you will not find that here.

No magic... just real medicine practiced by great doctors.

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