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She was so nice to me after the car accident... but things were completely different the next day...  

"How Being A "Nice Guy" After A Car Accident Can Quickly Ruin Your Life... It Almost Ruined Mine"

After treating car accident injuries for years, the doctors at NYC Pain MD are experts at treating these injuries and documenting personal injury cases.  For a FREE screening call 800-301-4250 and ask for Alex.

From:  Matt Edgar Health Writer at NYC Pain MD

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To:  Anyone in a car accident:

Let’s face it.  Not everyone is “nice.” 

Not only that… there are actually people who prey on the nice people.  If you are a nice person… you probably know what I’m talking about.

If you don’t… you will.  Just give it time.

Now, I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer.  Not at all.  What I am trying to do is be realistic… and help whoever is reading this.  Especially if you are ever in a car accident.


I was stopped at a red light and I got one of those weird urges to look in my rearview mirror.  I did… and I saw the moment of impact.


The car hit me from behind going at least 35mph.  My car jumped forward and… BAM!… she hit me AGAIN!!

My guess is she was texting and never saw me.  Must’ve kept her foot on the gas after the first impact.  But I’m not a detective.

Anyway… full of adrenaline… I went back to her car and asked if she was ok.  She got out and started apologizing.  Crying… she said it was all her fault.

She called her husband and she said he would take care of everything.  No need to call the police.

Guess what I did?  Yeah… I called the police.

Her husband got there first… and after looking at my car he determined we didn’t need the police and that I could just tape up my dumper and go home.  They would take care of it.  


The police officer arrived… and the woman was quite friendly with him.  One might say she was flirting with him.

I took pictures of both cars, gave my statement, exchanged insurance etc.

The next morning I got a call from her insurance company that shocks me.  They asked me how I was going to pay for the damage to her car.


Yeah… you caused an accident last night that damaged her car.

Whoa!  Whoa!  Whoa!

She had called her insurance company and told them a little fib… saying it was all my fault.

I told her insurance company to get a copy of the police report and they would see things a little differently.

They did. 

I had averted a disaster.  

If I had chosen to trust them… and “work it out” with them and not get the police involved… my life would have instantly been ruined.

I’m sure she would have claimed to be injured and sued me for not only her car… but medical bills and injury. 

And get this… if we agreed to take care of it ourselves and went home… her could’ve said I left the scene of an accident and I might have been charged.  Remember… she’s a liar and not a nice person… so who knows what she would have done.

That’s just how quickly bad people can ruin your life.

That’s also why I’m telling this story.  Because I’m the kinda person who really doesn’t want to get the cops involved,  I want to work it out with people.  I want to trust everyone.  You just can’t.

Trusting people is one mistake.  There are more.

Others HUGE mistakes after a car accident include:  

Not calling the police.

Admitting guilt.

Leaving the scene of an accident.

Choosing mot to seek medical attention.

Failing to gather evidence (pictures etc.)

Telling the insurance company too much (especially the other person's insurance company) 

Not contacting a doctor who is qualified and deals with car accident injuries and cases.

Posting public information about the accident (social media).

Not choosing to seek the advice of an experienced attorney.

A Simple plan Of Action: 

Calling the police, taking pictures and contacting and listening to qualified doctors and attorneys can save you from total disaster.  That’s not an overstatement.

Listen... it’s great to be a nice person.  

But, in today’s society, you must realize that everyone os not like you… and you must protect yourself.  

This information has been brought to you by the doctors at NYC Pain MD.  They are experts at treating car accident injuries and documenting personal injury cases.  If you have any questions, they offer free screenings.  All you have to do is call 800-301-4250 and ask for Alex.  He will help with any questions you may have.

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