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“Helps the worst cases of back and knee pain with the most advanced, cutting-edge technology and treatments available…”

Harvard Trained Doctor Offers World-Class Back and Knee Pain Treatments At Prices Almost Anyone Can Afford…

Popular NYC Pain MD Clinic Swarmed With Back And Knee Pain Sufferers Hoping To Relieve Their Pain And Get Their Lives Back

From:  The Staff Writers at NYC Pain MD

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To:  Back and Knee Pain Sufferers:

Let’s be honest.  

Medical insurance stinks.  

And unless you are rich,  it is probably keeping you from getting the best possible care for your back pain.

Seriously… can you go to the doctor you want to and get the treatments you want?  

It’s bad enough back pain is destroying your life… but you also have to deal with insurance companies telling you what doctors you can go to… what treatments you can get… and then denying everything and sticking you with the bill.

Am I right?

And you’ve tried all the pain medications, physical therapy and probably more than one doctor.  

How did all that work out for you?

Still in pain?

Frustrated and fed up?

I bet you are.

And how about this:  

Do you really think you are getting the most advanced, cutting-edge treatments?

I’ll go out on a limb and say… probably not.

Everyone knows the newest and most advanced treatments are not paid for by insurance because they are labeled “experimental.”  And there is not enough “proof.”  Yet…

There ARE some people who get the best treatments.  And reap the benefits you and all the other “average Joe’s” never get.

Who are these 

lucky people?

The rich and famous (and top pro athletes) go to the best doctors and get the best treatments money can buy.  Why?  Because they can afford the enormous price tag most top doctors and medical clinics charge.

Clearly this is not “fair” and no one is looking out for YOU.

Until now…

Now YOU can be treated by a Harvard trained doctor AND get the most advanced, cutting-edge treatments for back pain… at a fraction of the price other exclusive medical clinics are charging.

It’s true.

Here is how…

NYC Pain MD is a state-of-the-art medical clinic with two locations in New York City that are swarmed with back pain sufferers… because they offer two things every back pain sufferer wants…

(1)  The best possible care from world-class medical doctors (2) at a price almost anyone can afford.

Who is this Harvard trained doctor and 

what treatments are offered?

His name is Dr. George Hanna.   And check this out…

He completed his medical training at 3 of the top schools in the world:  University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Cornell University and Harvard Medical School. 

Not only that… Dr. Hanna was appointed to the Harvard Medical School as an instructor from 2013 - 2016.

He has too many honors and prizes in medicine to list here.

Dr. Hanna believes in being innovative and staying on the cutting edge of medicine. That’s why he continued to train and teach long after graduating medical school. 

What does all this mean for you

and your back pain?

Dr. Hanna offers several advanced treatments for back and knee pain at NYC Pain MD, depending on what you need.

He is a specialist in pain management and diagnosing and treating even the most severe cases of back and knee pain.

It is not uncommon for back and knee pain sufferers to come to NYC Pain MD after many other treatments have failed and after suffering for years in pain.

What makes NYC Pain MD different?

Technology is only as good as the doctor using it.

There are many things Dr. Hanna has learned over the years to “fine tune” treatments and get the best possible results.

Plus, NYC Pain MD is a multi-disciplinary clinic offering the best medical treatments available.

Your treatment plan will most likely not just include one treatment… but everything the experts think you need to get better as fast as possible.

The program at NYC Pain MD is called, “Rejuvenate Back and Knee Pain” and addresses all the possible causes of back and knee pain… including:  MUSCLE, JOINT, DISC, LIGAMENTS and CHEMICAL.

Treatment programs usually include a combination of the most advanced, cutting-edge treatments.

Treatments can include:

Stem Cell Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Radiofrequency Neurotomy (RF)

Non-surgical spinal decompression

Pain Management

And more...

The doctors at NYC Pain MD have found the results are much better when multiple approaches are used together.  

And the best parts is:  All doctors and treatments are under one roof.   This means all doctors work together… and… it is very convenient for you to get the exact care you need.  You do not need to be referred out and spend your whole day traveling to multiple doctors.

This can save you a lot of time and money.

But the most important part is results.

Now I’m going to be totally honest with you.  

Even though you will be seeing a world class doctor educated at Harvard… who is trained and skilled at the best back pain elimination techniques available today… this is NOT a miracle cure for everyone.

In fact, not everyone will eliminate their pain.

There are no guarantees in medicine.  And no ethical doctor would ever make such a claim.

But we can say with all honesty, that we help the vast majority of back pain sufferers we see.

So…. what if you could be out of pain in a few days or even a few weeks?  What would that be worth to you?

And what would it be worth to you if you could finally eliminate your back pain… for good?

How would it feel to be able to go to bed… sleep through the night… and wake up… without pain.

And wouldn’t it be wonderful to cancel that surgery, stop taking pain pills… and… go back to doing all the things you love to do but couldn’t because of the pain?

It’s amazing how many doors can open up, opportunities arrive… and… how much FUN life can be… when you are no longer suffering in pain.

And some patients DO get immediate… almost overnight results.

Can you imagine if that was you?

That’s probably something you would want to look into and possibly give a try… right?

If so…

I’ve got great news.

Even though Dr. Hanna and these wonderful treatments has helped a majority of back pain patients he has treated… sadly… it does not help everyone.

And since he has treated so many back pain patients, he understands that you have probably been through countless treatments and don’t want to waste your time on another dead end.

For that reason, Dr. Hanna performs a complete screening on every potential patient and will only accept you if he feels you qualify for his treatments and are very likely to get the results you are looking for.

How to check all this out 

for FREE

Every month Dr. Hanna offers a very limited number of free screenings.  At this screening, you get to see if these advanced treatments can help you… and get to ask questions etc.

This s a great way to find out if you qualify for treatments without wasting your time and money.

Obviously, due to time limitations, Dr. Hanna cannot see everyone who wants to see him.

For that reason, he must limit the number of free screenings he offers each month.

So, if you are interested, the best thing to do is call 800-301-4250 right now and tell whoever answers the phone you would like a free back or knee pain screening.  They will know what this is all about and schedule you for the earliest time available.

The quicker you call… the quicker you get to see Dr. Hanna… and the quicker you may be out of pain.

It makes no sense to suffer one day day in pain when you don’t have to.

And there is no further obligation  

You come in for the screening… see if you qualify… get your questions answered… and you decide what you want to do.

This is NOT a sales pitch. 

Dr. Hanna is a real medical doctor trained a Harvard.  He does not have to be a salesman.  He will give you the information you came in for and tell you… honestly… if he thinks he can help you.

Oh Yeah… 

The Price of Treatments:

The screening is 100% free.  

Treatments vary and it depends on what you need.  But NYC Pain MD is specifically designed to give patients world-class medical care at the best possible price.

We know insurance stinks.

If you have it… and it covers… great.

If not… we have options that are affordable by almost anyone.

In fact, we charge a tiny fraction of what other top clinics charge for breakthrough treatments like Stem cell therapy, Platelet rich plasma, radio frequency neurotomy and others.  

Obviously, you won’t be getting a $10,000 bill from us.

Not only that... we also offer payment plans that are often under $100 per month.

Everything will be explained to you at the screening and you will leave know exactly what to expect and what it all costs.

To schedule a free screening with Dr. Hanna call 800-301-4250 right now.

NYC Pain MD Also Offers:

(1)  Stem Cell Therapy

(2)  Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

(3)  Gel Injections  - Viscosupplementation

(4)  Genicular Nerve Block

(5)  Prescription Bracing

(6)  Therapeutic Rehabilitation

NYC Pain MD is a medical clinic with two locations in New York City that has made a name for itself by helping pain sufferers

For more information about us, locations and contact information... click here.

Please read this before calling for a free screening:

We are real medical doctors and we make no claims or guarantees

We always like to make something crystal clear.

We are a real medical clinic.

That is important because in the world of real medicine... there are no claims or guarantees.

Every patient is individual... and so are the results.

Accordingly, we are not making any claims or guaranteeing any results.

What results should you expect?

We cannot tell you that either.  For the same reasons.

Plus... we do not have the precise data it would take to calculate what the average patients results are.

What practicing doctor does?

What does "average patient" mean anyway?

Would you be "average?"

We believe honesty is the best policy.

It is a fact that some of our patients have gotten great results.

Others have gotten no results at all.

We have countless satisfied patients and strive to help each and every one the best way possible.

If you are looking for outrageous claims or guarantees... you will not find that here.

No magic... just real medicine practiced by great doctors.

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