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This Advanced Knee Pain Treatment Often Gets Results Even After Many Other Treatments Fail...

If you have already tried Gel Injections (Viscosupplementation), Pain Medications, Stem Cell Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasm (PRP) and Joint Replacement Surgery and still suffer in pain... the information in this video may be the most important information you ever discover... 

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NYC Pain MD is a medical clinic with two locations in New York City that has made a name for itself by treating the worst cases of knee arthritis pain.

Here is what every knee arthritis pain sufferer who has failed to respond to other treatments and does not want surgery should know about the best treatment options available today for knee arthritis pain including when, why and where you should consider each treatment to get maximum results.

If you have had knee replacement surgery (or all the "injections" like gels, stem cells, PRP etc) and still suffer with pain... this may be the most important information you ever discover.

 Here is why.

In just a moment I am going to tell you all about an advanced medical treatment that has gotten very good results with many knee arthritis sufferers just like you.

 But first, please allow me to tell you who we and and why you should listen to us.

We are NY Pain MD and we are a REAL medical clinic located in New York City that has treated thousands of knee arthritis sufferers.

Patients travel from all over to be treated at one of our clinics because they want the best medical treatments available.

What you are about to discover is a real medical treatment.

Not some miracle cures you see on infomercials or on the internet.

If you suffer with knee arthritis pain, you have probably already tried many treatments... especially countless pain medications.

Experienced doctors understand that, even though pain medications such as anti-inflammatory pain pills are part of the recommended early treatment plan for knee arthritis pain... they are rarely the answer.

In most cases they have minimal results (if any) and have a laundry list of potential side effects. Some being serious and even life threatening.

Are there any

better options?

Thankfully, advancements in science and technology come extremely fast. And now there are very good options for knee arthritis to help relieve the pain.

Options that a lot of knee arthritis sufferers have never heard of.

But please... understand this fact: There is no cure for arthritis. But there are modern and advanced medical treatments that have already helped thousands of knee arthritis sufferers - possibly just like you.

What is this treatment?

This treatment is called, “Radiofrequncy Neurotomy.” RF for short.

RF is a procedure that is based on the theory that blocking the nerve supply to the painful area may alleviate pain and restore function.

Several branches of nerves that surround the knee are known as “genicular nerves.”

Radiofrequncy waves are delivered to the genicular nerves under advanced imaging to “block” the nerves.

Two procedures are performed. First, a test, diagnostic “G Block” procedure is done to determine if the procedure is going to decrease pain and improve function.

If this first “test” procedure is successful, Genicular Neurotomy (G-RF) is performed for long term relief.

Is It Safe?

Research has shown this procedure to be safe and effective.

One study published November 4, 2010 in the journal Pain found that RF treated subjects on average “achieved at least 50% knee pain relief at 1, 4 and 12 weeks, respectively. No patient reported a post-procedure adverse event during the follow-up period. RF neurotomy of genicular nerves leads to significant pain reduction and functional improvement in a subset of elderly chronic knee OA pain, and thus may be an effective treatment in such cases.”

Is should also be mentioned that, like all research, more studies should be done to get even more answers.

Who Should Try

This Treatment?

RF should be considered after other treatments, such as anti-inflammatory pain medication and viscosupplementation do not offer good enough results. And if you have had knee replacement surgery and still have pain.

RF can be utilized before resorting to total knee replacement. RF allows many patients to avoid knee replacement surgery.

RF has also been found effective AFTER knee replacement surgery when the patient still feels pain.

The pain after a failed knee replacement surgery can be debilitating and this procedure can be the only thing that helps and give you relief.

What To Do Next

If You Are In Pain

Here is the “X” factor many do not consider that might be the difference between you getting the best possible treatment or not.

Many experts suggest choosing a medical clinic that offers all these treatments and has the proper, most advanced technology all under one roof.

This way, the doctors working on your case can give you a proper examination and advise the best possible treatment plan for your individual case.

Several experts work as a team to offer you the best treatment options at the appropriate time to maximize results. It is also very convenient to have all your doctors and treatments in one place. Traveling to different offices can be time consuming and and even more expensive.

NY Pain MD offers many cutting-edge knee arthritis treatments such as joint lubrication injections, stem cell therapy, platelet rich plasma to name a few.

NY Pain MD believes this “X” factor is one of the reasons so many knee arthritis sufferers travel from all over the country to be treated at one of their advanced medical clinics.

Your Invitation

NY Pain MD offers a limited number of complimentary knee arthritis treatment screenings every month. These screenings are a way for knee arthritis sufferers to get some of their questions answered and see if they are a candidate for one of the cutting-edge treatments offered at NY Pain MD.

If you would like a complimentary screening, just call 800-301-4250 and tell the scheduling expert who answers the phone, “I would like a complimentary knee arthritis screening.”

The screenings fill up fast every month. If you do not call in time to get one this month, the expert will schedule you for next month.

This screening is no cost and no obligation.

Many of the treatments offered are covered by many insurance plans and Medicare.

P.S. NYC Pain MD offers several cutting-edge, advanced medical procedures to treat knee arthritis pain including: Bio-Cellular Therapy/Stem Cell Therapy, Joint lubricating injections (Viscosupplementation), platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP), Genicular Nerve Block and more. These treatments all all offered at one clinic so we can find the best treatment of combination of treatments that get you the best possible results.

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Please read this before calling for a free screening:

We are real medical doctors and we make no claims or guarantees

We always like to make something crystal clear.

We are a real medical clinic.

That is important because in the world of real medicine... there are no claims or guarantees.

Every patient is individual... and so are the results.

Accordingly, we are not making any claims or guaranteeing any results.

What results should you expect?

We cannot tell you that either.  For the same reasons.

Plus... we do not have the precise data it would take to calculate what the average patients results are.

What practicing doctor does?

What does "average patient" mean anyway?

Would you be "average?"

We believe honesty is the best policy.

It is a fact that some of our patients have gotten great results.

Others have gotten no results at all.

We have countless satisfied patients and strive to help each and every one the best way possible.

If you are looking for outrageous claims or guarantees... you will not find that here.

No magic... just real medicine practiced by great doctors.

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