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Why Knee Arthritis Pain Sufferers Are Flocking To This Manhattan Medical Clinic To Relieve Pain And Avoid Joint Replacement Surgery

Two Medical Treatment Paths For Knee Arthritis Pain... And What They Can POSSIBLY Do For YOU 

What REAL Doctors Say About The Most Advanced Medical Treatments For Knee Arthritis Pain


NYC Pain MD is a medical clinic with two locations in New York City that has made a name for itself by treating the worst cases of knee arthritis pain.

Here is what every knee arthritis pain sufferer who has failed to respond to other treatments and does not want surgery should know about the best treatment options available today for knee arthritis pain including when, why and where you should consider each treatment to get maximum results.


Modern medicine has come a long way.

The success stories and lives saved are endless.

And now, through advanced technology and science - skilled medical doctors are helping more knee arthritis pain sufferers than ever before.

In just a moment, I’m going to reveal some of these incredible arthritis pain techniques...

So you can possibly relive some or all of your pain...

Just like thousands of others already have.

I bet many of these former arthritis pain sufferers were just like you.

But first I have to tell you...

Who Are We And Why

Should You Listen To Us?

We are NYC Pain MD and we are a medical clinic that treats arthritis pain with the best possible treatments and technology available today.

Our medical doctors are specifically trained and are experts in this field.

Please understand this...

The information you are about to discover is REAL MEDICINE. This is not some “wonder cure” being peddled by internet marketers or late night infomercial scams.

This is very important information so you can make the very best decision about relieving your arthritis pain.

It will also help you avoid costly and painful mistakes.

Ready for some great arthritis pain relief information?

Ok, here we go.

The Two Arthritis

Treatment Paths...

The first thing to understand, is that there are basically two treatment paths you can choose to go down when you are looking for relief to knee or hip arthritis pain.

One path is non-surgical. You do not want surgery (who does!) so you do everything you can to avoid it.

You take pain pills, do physical therapy and exercises and maybe you even changed your diet.

Nothing worked.

The pain progressively got worse until you couldn’t stand it anymore.

Because you did not get the proper treatment - your joints decayed past the point of no return. Now they are basically “bone on bone” and the doctor told you there is no other option. You need...

The Dreaded...

...joint replacement surgery.

I will admit - some people do need joint replacement surgery.

This procedure has come a very long way in recent years.

Let’s be clear about this:  for some, at a certain point, this is the way to go.

But - and this is a very big but... even though this procedure has improved dramatically... it is a serious medical procedure and it is not without risk.

In fact, a $500 million verdict in a lawsuit was just awarded to patients who received faulty hip implants during hip replacement surgery.

Some of the damage being reported from the faulty hip replacements sounds horrific.

We get calls all the time from people who had knee replacement surgery and are still in pain. Some are in worse pain than before the surgery.

There is no doubt, joint replacement surgery should be your last resort.

This is extremely important... too many people think they need joint replacement surgery when they do not.

In fact, many who have been told by a doctor that they need joint replacement surgery respond extremely well to a medical treatment approach that is finally becoming much more popular.

This is...

Treatment Path #2

This treatment path is non-surgical but it probably NOT what you are thinking.

It is NOT pain pills and grueling exercises.

We think it is...

Much better

This treatment path has TWO advanced medical procedures that we have found to work wonder in so many cases.

While each of these treatments can work EXTREMELY well all by themselves... we have found that combining them is were the real magic can occur.

Here is the first treatment:

This treatment actually puts vital lubricating gel directly into your arthritic joint.

This is extremely important because when you have arthritis, you lose lubricating fluid in your joints.

In other words, your joints basically “dry up.”

This causes joint surfaces to rub together causing all kinds of problems including brutal PAIN.

As time goes on - the joint wears out more and more and the pain can be excruciating.

This medical procedure is called...


During this procedure a FDA cleared gel-like medicine (joint lubrication) is placed directly into the joint space.

Popular brands used for joint lubrication are: Hyalgan, Suparz, Eulexxa, Orthovisc, Synvisc and Synvisc-One.

Treatment with these joint lubrications allows the joint to glide freely and move much better again.

This decreases the abnormal rubbing and wear and tear and, in many cases, decreases or even eliminates pain.

Sounds Great


It does.

But... viscosupplementation has not worked for many people.

There are two very important reasons why:

The first reason some people did not get good results with viscosupplementation is... bluntly... this is a real medical procedure done by real medical doctors.

This is NOT a “wonder cure” sold by slick marketers.

In the real world of medicine and science, no treatments work 100% of the time or on everyone. And no good and ethical doctor would make such a claim or guarantee any results what-so-ever.

So, there are some people that will not get results with this treatment.

That’s just the way things are in the real world of science and medicine.

But there are quite a few people who tried these lubricating gel injections and did not get good results but should have.

And there is a BIG reason why...

Reason #2

To assure the best possible results, this treatment requires expensive advanced technology and a skilled medical doctor with experience doing this procedure.

For this treatment to have the best chance to work, the lubricating gel must be placed precisely into the joint space.

Obviously, if the lubricating gel does not go into the joint space - it cannot work.

Thats why “Precision Arthritis Targeting Technology"or PATT is always used by doctors at NY Pain MD.

PATT uses a special medical camera and fluoroscopic imaging to guide the procedure and make sure the gel-like medicine gets exactly where you need it.

Many doctors doing this procedure do not use this advanced digital imaging and do these procedure either under ultrasound or “blind.”

No Difference?

Some say there is no difference - but research shows that doctors doing joint injections without being guided by the proper imaging completely miss the joint space about one third of the time.

How can the joint lubricant do it’s job if it is not even in the joint?

It can’t.

Know this: We do not believe in guessing.

We believe in being as precise as possible and making sure you have the best chance to get the best results possible.

That’s why we have spared no expense in training and cutting-edge technology.

And because our treatments are so precise and accurate - most patients report they are also painless.

Now that you know the facts - let me ask you a question...

Would you choose a doctor who uses advanced digital imaging to guide your treatment - or one who injects you blind and hopes for the best?

Also, can you see why this treatment has not worked for so many... when it could have?

And can you see why, with the Precision Arthritis Targeting Technology and a doctor who has already done thousands of these procedures -

It could work for you?

Even if you have tried this treatment elsewhere without good results?

That’s why so many arthritis sufferers are flocking to a medical clinic in NYC called “NYC Pain Relief MD” that focusses on helping patients relieve their arthritis joint pain and get back to doing all the things they want to do - like playing golf, walking without pain, tennis and many others.

But one of the biggest successes is when patients who were told they needed joint replacement surgery cancel the surgery because they feel so much better.

They get such great results because they use advanced digital imaging (PATT) to guide their treatments, their doctors are specially trained and have performed THOUSANDS of treatments and they use multiple brands of lubricating gels (many doctors only use one they have a “relationship” with).

But that’s not all...

If fact, it’s only the beginning of the advanced medical procedures offered at NY Pain MD that can help relieve your arthritis joint pain.

Here’s A HUGE Reason Why NY Pain MD May Be Able To Relieve Your Pain Even When Others Have Failed

Viscosupplemtation an important FIRST STEP in our protocol for relieving arthritis joint pain.

It is very important, because it properly lubricates the joint... and in may cases... this is all the patient needs to get the results they are looking for.

Like playing golf or tennis again... or just being able to walk and do daily activities without pain.

But for difficult or advanced cases, we have even more advanced treatments.

And this next treatment is the reason

for some of our most amazing results...

While lubrication injections are getting great results for so many people, they have one big problem...

The results are temporary.

You see, we do not exaggerate or strategically leave out important information.

On the contrary, we want you to have to ALL the information so you can get the best care possible.

That being said - the results from the lubricating injections usually last 6 months. But we have had cases where patients remains pain free for over 2 years.

And while this can be incredible if you are in pain and get 6 months or more relief... wouldn’t it be nice to have a permanent solution?

Well, this next treatment really is

cutting-edge medicine...

And it has the potential to actually repair and re-grow injured tissue to give you much longer lasting results.

We believe, as do many medical experts, that this is the future of medicine... and you can experience it right now at NYC Pain MD in NYC.

Here is the second treatment that we have found to work wonders after the lubricating injections...

Bio-Cellular Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Bio-Cellular therapy is cutting-edge medicine that uses a specific kind of stem cells... called “MSCs” that have the ability to repair or even replace injured and damaged tissue.

Many medical experts believe that stem cell therapy is the future of medicine.

One reason for this is because while most medical treatment just mask the pain... or prolong the problem... because they cannot actually fix damaged tissue - stem cell therapy has the ability to actually regenerate tissue and permanently heal the body.

The belief by many is that cell stem therapy will allow doctors to finally cure many injuries and diseases that... up until this point... where untreatable and even death sentences.

And this is great news for

arthritis joint pain

Here is why...

In just a moment I’m going to tell you exactly how stem cell therapy can possibly help your knee arthritis pain.

But first, you must understand this...

There are different types of stem cells therapy.

When most people think of stem cell therapy, they think of embryonic stem cell therapy. This is when are used from human embryos.

There is a lot of controversy over this practice. And what we are going to talk about is NOT embryonic stem cell therapy.

It is MUCH different

So here is the full story so you understand how this work and why it might solve your knee arthritis pain...

Your body is CONSTANTLY making new cells and regenerating itself.

In fact, you are regenerating body parts RIGHT NOW.

What’s amazing is... every seconds, 15 million blood cells expires and are replaces in the human body.

That’s your innate regenerative potential.

And it is absolutely incredible.

So the question is - how can we harness this natural regenerative process that is already going on inside your body and use it to possibly heal joint arthritis pain?

The answer lies in mesenchymal stem cells or MSCs.

Here’s how it works:

Every single blood vessel in your body in every single tissue has cells which are sitting on your blood vessels.

These cells are called perivascular cells or perycites.

And when that blood vessel is broken or inflamed, the perycite comes off... becomes “activated” and it becomes a mesenchymal stem cell (MSC).

These activated MSCs do two things that

are the key to regeneration and healing...

First, they produced a wall of molecules that stop your over aggressive immune system from producing more inflammation and further injuring itself.

So, MSCs are a protector of the tissue from your own immune system and these cells are the first line of defense against you setting up autoimmune reactions.

From the front of this activated MSC, it produces a wall of molecules that stop your over aggressive immune system from surveying the damaged tissue behind it.

So, MSCs are a protector of the tissue from your immune system and actually these cells are the first line of defense against you setting up autoimmune reactions.

In other words, it stops you body from further injuring itself with too much inflammation etc.

This is why doctors often advise arthritis patients to take anti-inflammatory medication. These medication have side effects your natural MSCs do a much better job and do not.

Now comes the really

amazing part...

MSCs also produce much different molecules that help the injured tissue to heal and actually regenerate itself.

These amazing molecules stop scaring, increases blood vessels, stops cells from dying because of lack of oxygen and actually enhances the tissues natural capacity to regenerate itself.

In other words, it stops all the damage and regenerates brand new tissue to replace any on the damaged tissue.

Dr. Arnold Caplan MD PhD professor of biology and oncology and general medicine at Case Western Reserve University and known as “The father of the mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)” now calls them medicinal signaling cells (still MSC) because of what these cells actually are… they are natural drug stores for sites of injury.

They go to sites of injury and naturally produce whatever drug is necessary to completely heal and regenerate tissue. There are no other treatments in medicine that can do anything even close to this.

Here’s a quick example to

make things crystal clear...

A 5 year old can have a heart attack and you would never know it.

The young kid has so many MSCs that is actually protects the heart from damage and actually fixes the problem like nothing ever happened.

But the problem is - the number of MSCs decreases with age.

So when an older person has a heart attack... it is a serious event that can cause death. This is because they do not have enough MSCs to instantly fix the problem and regenerate the damaged tissue.

The same is true for joint arthritis.

Without enough MSCs, the joint does not heal, inflammation and pain get worse, and the joint continues to wear out until you need total knee replacement surgery.

But know this: If you had more MSCs in your arthritic joint, they would do their magic. They would supply the perfect amount of drugs needed to stop inflammation, regenerate injured cartilage, ligaments etc. and help to heal the arthritis and eliminate pain.

In other words, according to experts like Dr. Caplan, if you had enough MSCs, your arthritis could be healed and your pain would go away.

The good news is - doctors at NYC Pain MD now have the technology to do this and are currently helping countless joint arthritis sufferers who could not get help any other way.

How Is This Done To Possibly

Heal Joint Arthritis?

The science made simple...

Dr. Carlo Tremolada found a brilliant way to get MSCs from your own body and inject them directly into your arthritic joint with tremendous success.

This is accomplished by taking a small amount of fat from your body because fat has a very high amount of MSCs.

Through a special procedure, the fat cells are separated from the MSCs.

Check this out.... it is very important: Some use bone marrow for this procedure - but fat generates more MSCs and does not require punching a hole in the bone to harvest the marrow. OUCH!

The procedure done at NYC Pain MD is not painful and patients often say how they were a little scared but were pleasantly surprised to discover how painless the procedure was.

Once the small amount of fat is prepared with Dr. Tremolada’s procedure, it is 60-50% MSCs. This is an enormously potent preparation for delivering MSCs for clinical uses like joint arthritis.

This 50-60% MSCs from fat tissue are called Lipogems. Which are MSCs surrounded by a few fat cells.

When you inject these Lipogems directly into a joint, these fat droplets protect the MSC that is on the inside and then 5-10 days later the MSC walks out of that fat cluster and does it’s magic.

This is a powerful way to deposit MSCs at sites of tissue regeneration like your arthritis joint.

Dr. Caplan (the father of MSCs and leading expert of stem cells) has had this exact procedure done to him and his family members arthritic knees.

Here is what Dr. Caplan said about this Lipogem procedure while speaking to other medical doctors:

“I can tell you MSCs are going to change the way medicine is practiced and 5 years from now, 10 years from now, the medical students are going to have to hear what you are about to hear from Dr. Tremolada because this is going o be the wave of the future.”

Here Is The Best

News For YOU

The doctors at NYC Pain MD where personally trained in this Lipogems procedure by it’s founder and leading expert, Dr. Carlo Tremolada.

We are getting incredible results with this cutting-edge medical procedure... and now... if you qualify... you can see if this treatment of the future can help your joint arthritis pain... right now.

You know, you’re obviously really serious about finding an answer to your arthritis joint pain, possibly eliminating the pain and finally living and enjoying the life you really want... and I just want to take a moment to acknowledge you for that.

Most people never put aside their well deserved skepticism and take the time to educate themselves the way you have.

You are online, you’re reading this admittedly lengthy message and you really have the commitment and determination to do this now.

That’s why you’re perfect for this

It’s specifically for people like you are open minded and took the time to get educated and who want to finally relieve your arthritis joint pain... because our treatments can possibly do that for you.

So, Here’s What To

Do Right Now...

If you are suffering with arthritis joint pain and would like to find out if the treatments at NY Pain MD can help you - you can come in for a risk-free no-obligation screening.

During this screening you will get a chance to ask questions and find out if you are a candidate for these advanced medical treatments - and what your best options are.

The screening is completely free with no further obligation.

After your screening, you will breath a big sigh or relief knowing what your options are and the best way to deal with your pain.

If you are not sure - I know exactly how you feel. Arthritis pain is brutal. And it is hard to get straight answers.

So many patients felt the same way.

They told us they they had given up until they read some information just like this and they came in to see us.

Then their life changed so fast -

it was incredible

Give us a call right now at 800-301-4250 and schedule your free screening.

The worst thing that can happened is you find out you do not qualify and this treatment is not for you.

But what if we really can help you?

What if we really can get rid of some of all your pain?

What would that be worth you you?

If it is worth a couple hours of your time - give us a call. 855-465-PAIN



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P.S. Due to the advanced and individualized care we give each patient, we can only take a limited number of new patients each month. And we frequently reach that number quickly each month.

For that reason, if you are interested, please call right now to assure we get you in as soon as possible and without waiting. The quicker you get your free screening... the quicker you will know exactly what’s going on and be on your way to possibly relieving your pain and living your life the way you want to again.

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