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Blunt Answers and The Honest Truth About NYC Pain MD's Advanced Medical Treatments For Knee Arthritis Pain...

Skeptical About The Knee Pain Treatments At NYC Pain Md?

You Should Be!

Now You Can Get All Your Question Answers About NYC Pain MD's Advanced Medical Pain Treatments... and... Speak To One Of Our Doctors For FREE... 

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From:  The Doctors at NYC Pain MD

65 Broadway Suite 1004 
New York, NY 10006


To:  Skeptical Knee Arthritis Sufferers Who Have Unanswered Questions

If you would like to possibly relieve the pain and stiffness from knee arthritis and finally start enjoying your life again - this may be the most important information you ever discover.

Here is why.

The response to our advanced medical treatments for knee arthritis has been nothing short of incredible.

As a matter of fact, we get hundreds of calls just about every week!

And the best thing is - so many knee arthritis sufferers have been able to get help.  

It’s wonderful when someone tells us this is the first time they have had hope in a very long time.

Have we been able 

to help everyone?

Of course not.

Listen... this is important...

Patients tell us all the time... one of the biggest reasons they chose us is because we always told them the blunt and honest truth.  

We did NOT make huge claims.  

We told then both the pros and the cons of all of our treatments and everything we do.

But there were also quite a few people who requested information from us and did not take us up on our offer for a free screening to see if we could help them.

You may be one of them

Who knows.

But the good news is (for you) that some of these people called us and told us why.

Basically, they wanted to come in... but they had a few questions that had to be answered first.  

And many flat out told us they have been through so much and heard so many promises in the past - they were very skeptical and did not want to get their hopes up and waste any more of their time.

Maybe this is you, too.

If it is - we agree with you.

To put it bluntly - knee arthritis is brutal.   It is impossible for someone without it to completely understand all the pain and suffering you are going through. 

And the last thing you need is to be let down.  


That’s why we took the time to write all this - to answer the questions we got.  And tell you what you can realistically expect.  

This will be perfect for you if you are, “on the fence” and a little skeptical.

Now for the questions...

Is the screening really 100% free with no further obligation?


There is absolutely no charge.  


Not one cent.

There is also no obligation what-so-ever.  

We offer this screening to give you all the information to make the best informed decision possible.  

That is is.

Are you going to try to sell me something at the screening?


We will explain to you how the advanced medical treatments work - answer your questions - and tell you if we think you are a good candidate for our treatments.  

At that point - it is up to you to use that information however you like.

Let’s be very clear about this - We will not be trying to sell you or convince you to do anything.  The doctors are extremely busy and do not need to use high pressure sales techniques to get patients.  

If fact - we are highly against those tactics.

Rest assured - this is NOT a sales presentation.  

What happens during 

the screening?

It’s simple.

You will fill out some paperwork and then meet with the doctor.  

He will ask you why you came in and what are you looking to achieve.  

Then he will go over your case and tell you if you are a good candidate for the treatment and if he can give you what you want.  

He will tell you what he believes you can realistically achieve with our treatments.

He will also tell you if you are not a good candidate and if he cannot give you want you want... and make the best recommendations possible.

And you can ask the doctor any questions you want.  This is your chance to get one-on-one time with the doctor and get all your questions answered for free.

That is it.

What answers will you get 

from the screening?

You will know if you are a good candidate for the treatments and you will also get any other questions answered you may have.

How long does the 

screening take?

The paperwork may take you about 5 minutes to fill out and the screening itself is about 30-45 minutes.  Plus time for any extra questions you may have.  

Please understand this: This NOT a detailed examination.  It is a screening to see if you are a candidate for treatment.  If you are, you will have the opportunity to move forward.  If you are not - you will only have invested about 30-45 minutes.

So let me ask you this...

If just 30-45 minutes you can finally find out what is causing your pain... and get the best possible plan of action to help your pain.

What else can you possibly do in that little amount of time that can have such a dramatic impact on your life?

What are treatments like?

Our advanced medical treatments are done by extremely skilled medical doctors who are specially trained for these procedures.  We also spare no expense and have the best, cutting-edge technology to make sure you have the best chance for the best possible result.  This also means treatments are as painless as possible.  In fact, many patients say they barely felt anything at all.

Here is a list of some of the advanced medical treatments available at NYC Pain MD:

(1)  Stem Cell Therapy

(2)  Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

(3)  Gel Injections  - Viscosupplementation

(4)  Genicular Nerve Block

(5)  Prescription Bracing

(6)  Therapeutic Rehabilitation

How Long Are 


Knee lubrication... or gel injections (viscosupplementation) take approximately 10 minutes and Bio-Cellular Therapy (stem cell) takes approximately 1-2 hours.

Do Treatments Hurt?


Most patients either feel nothing at all or just a little pressure.

How Many Treatments 

Do You Need?

We are always honest.  

And the answer to that question is:  

We do not know.

So here’s how it works:

After your screening - the doctor will tell you which treatments he feel are best for you and give you an estimated number of treatments based on your individual case and the doctor’s personal experience treating hundreds of cases.

That being said... if you need lubricating injections, most patients get 3-5 treatments.  If you are getting Bio-Cellular Therapy it is usually 1-3 treatments.  Other treatments vary.

What Results Can 

You Expect?

Once again - we do not know.

All patients are different and all cases are individual.  

No ethical doctor would ever guarantee any results... for any treatment.  That’s just not how things work.

But we can say that we have been able to help a lot of knee arthritis sufferers.  Some a little... others quite a bit.  And quite frankly, some cases got amazing results.

That’s why we have a screening process and not everyone qualifies for treatment.  

We try to only treat the people we feel have the greatest chance to get favorable results.  

If you are not a good candidate for treatment - we will tell you.

And if we don't think we can help you... we will help you find another doctor and treatment that possibly can.

You see, we are not just screening you to see if you qualify for one of the treatments we offer here.


We want to help you find the best possible plan of action so you can get the best results possible and hopefully get out of pain.

We want to be your medical advisor and

help you find what YOU are looking for

Who knows - maybe you will be one of the lucky one and of treatments treatment are like a miracle for you.  Or maybe you get a 50% reduction in symptoms.  Or maybe it will not work at all.

We wish we could give you the answer to that right upfront - but we can’t.

But listen...

The big question for you is - what if this treatment was not able to relieve all of your pain - but could give you some relief.  Maybe enough to at least sleep better at night.  

Or with less pain.

How much better would that make you life?

How much better would that make you feel?

Would that be worth giving it a shot?

If you would like to see if you are a good candidate to get some relief - give us a call at 800-301-4250.  The screening will only take 30-45 minutes and you will get a lot of answers.

The worst thing that can happen is you are not a candidate and you are in the exact same situation you are in right now.

On the other hand, that same 30-45 minutes might open the door to a whole new life - one with less pain.

Like I said before... what else could you do in that 30-45 minutes that has that same potential?

I don't know about you... but I waste 30-45 minutes doing nothing all the time.

Time goes by so fast these days.

Is it worth passing this up this opportunity and staying home?

Give us a call 800-301-4250

NYC Pain MD is a medical clinic with two locations in New York City that has made a name for itself by helping pain sufferers

For more information about us, locations and contact information... click here.

Please read this before calling for a free screening:

We are real medical doctors and we make no claims or guarantees

We always like to make something crystal clear.

We are a real medical clinic.

That is important because in the world of real medicine... there are no claims or guarantees.

Every patient is individual... and so are the results.

Accordingly, we are not making any claims or guaranteeing any results.

What results should you expect?

We cannot tell you that either.  For the same reasons.

Plus... we do not have the precise data it would take to calculate what the average patients results are.

What practicing doctor does?

What does "average patient" mean anyway?

Would you be "average?"

We believe honesty is the best policy.

It is a fact that some of our patients have gotten great results.

Others have gotten no results at all.

We have countless satisfied patients and strive to help each and every one the best way possible.

If you are looking for outrageous claims or guarantees... you will not find that here.

No magic... just real medicine practiced by great doctors.

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